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Cancun Fun Attractions
Cancun Trip to Chichen Itza takes all day and is one of Cancun Cheap things to do. Chichen Itza is the capital of ancient Maya empire, its majestic building dates back to 435 and 455, and it is geographically located in the middle of spectacular natural environs in the Yucatan Peninsula. At this site declared as one of the 7 World Wonders, you can visit magnificent temples such as the Kukulcan Pyramid and the Ball Game as well as there are others that cannot be visited to avoid damages.
The Castle or Pyramid of Kukulcan is the most impressive temple in Chichen Itza renowned for the number of tombs found there and its endless 91 steps, as well as the impeccable architecture that stands out by a stone feathered serpent.
If you visit Chichen Itza on March 21st or September 21st you can admire a unique spectacle: the Equinox. Just at 3:00 p.m. the sun lights creates at the pyramid north side 7 light and shadows isosceles triangles, giving shape to the body of a slithering serpent. This effect is a symbol of the Kukulcan God descent (bird-serpent) to the earth, and also the beginning and ending agricultural cycle, according the Equinox (spring or autumn). Discover the most important Mayan cultural center considered one of the most advanced in America.
Atlantis Submarine in the Caribbean
The Atlantis Submarine  is one of the most fun adventures in all of Cancun and it only takes 2 Hrs  to admire the vibrant colors of the exotic fish that live in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Join us on this marine adventure along Cozumel’s west coast, where you can see an amazing underwater paradise with all kinds of sea life and magnificent coral reefs.
A ferry will take you from the island to the dive site in the nature park, Chankanaab. Then you will be transferred to the Atlantis Submarine, where the underwater journey will start. Explore the ocean floor for about 40 minutes, admiring the wonderful view through the individual windows and listening to the experienced guide. You can’t miss this underwater experience 100 feet below sea level!
Grand Beach Amusement Park

One of Cancun's top attractions is a short trip to Cozumel Mexico and takes all  day to enjoy a fantastic day at one of Cozumel's top attractions, Grand Beach Park, where you can enjoy a host of water activities and convenient services for a fun-filled day.
Some of the activities and services that Grand Beach Park offer: kayaks, a water trampoline, sailing, paddle boats, water bicycles, a swimming pool, a playground, a huge restaurant, hammocks, a boutique, shopping arcade, six bars, entertainment staff, lifeguards, paramedics, handicapped facilities, volleyball court and many, many other activities such as diving or snorkeling.
A white stretch of beach and a myriad of recreational options guarantee a great time at one of the best attractions in the Caribbean island of Cozumel. Don't miss out!
ATV Jungle Adventure, Cozumel
Duration: 4 Hrs Get ready to enjoy a fascinating adventure through the jungle of Cozumel on an incredible ATV ride. The ATV adventure starts from the Mayan town "El Cedral" and takes you through abundant jungle to visit a natural cenote (freshwater sinkhole), after that you'll get to explore an underground cave. After riding to all these
Cozumel Mexico
Snorkeling in Cancun with Sea Turtles
Take a Day trip to swim with the Sea Turtles in Cozumel and enjoy the exciting experience of snorkeling here in the Riviera Maya, which is one of the most popular places for this activity. Enjoy a ferry ride from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen, where a guide will be waiting for you to take you to the tranquil Yalku Lagoon where you can enjoy a wonderful time snorkeling in its pristine waters. You'll see an abundance of marine life, including parrot and angel fish, as well as starfish and sea urchins.
After the unique experience at the Yalku Lagoon, we will take you to Akumal to enjoy its amazing sandy beaches. Next get ready for the unforgettable experience of snorkeling, in waters of no deeper than 8 feet, alongside Logger-Head Sea Turtles, which enter the bay daily to feed on the sea grass. After this amazing time, you will have the opportunity to sunbathe and relax once again on the beautiful beach before we make our way back to Playa del Carmen and board the ferry back to Cozumel.
to sunbathe or relax once again on the beautiful beach before our way back to Playa del Carmen and go aboard the ferry back to Cozumel.

Swim with the Dolphins
Swim with Dolphins in Cancun
While in Cancun come and experience the thrill of swimming with stingrays in a safe and controlled yet natural environment on Stingray Beach. The experience consists of two activities. Firstly you'll have a personal encounter with the stingrays, where the trainers will teach you how to interact with these friendly fish and even feed them. Afterwards, you can relax on the charming beach, eat at the Snack Bar, buy a nice souvenir at the gift shop and view the photos of your encounter with these awesome marine animals.
The tour includes one-way transportation to the beach from your hotel and all the snorkeling gear.
Kiss the Manatee in Cancun Mexico
Kiss the Manatee in Cancun Mexico
Cancun Caribbean is home to the playful Manatee mammals, one of the most gentle sea creatures in the world. Come meet the large, affectionate manatees who live on the island of Cozumel in Dolphin Discovery dolphinarium at Chankanaab Park. This natural area may surprise you with its beauty and the great diversity of plant and animal life on the island. When the first European explorers arrived in the Caribbean, the manatees were thought to be Sirens. At the present time, researchers are still studying these wonderful aquatic mammals.
In this incredible encounter you will be taken to swim with the manatees in their home pond. There, the keepers will teach you about their diet, social habits, and life cycle. You can embrace these gentle giants, and receive an affectionate kiss on the cheek! You will also have the opportunity to feed them under the supervision of their caretakers, and even enjoy some free time to swim with them. Bring your whole family to enjoy an extraordinary experience with the manatees of Dolphin Discovery in Cozumel. You won't regret it!

Invest in Cancun, Cozumel Mexico
Cancun Attractions Uxmal and Kabah Mexico
Uxmal Mexico is one of the most representative cities of the Mayan culture. It is 38 miles away from Merida, Cancun and, at its peak, had a population of 25,000. This impressive city has a particular structure known as Puuc, typical in this area, built following a quadrangular design.
During this tour, we will visit the Magician's Pyramid, the Quadrangle of the Nuns, the Ball Game Court, and the Governor's Palace. According to historical references, Uxmal was a walled fortress and the name means “three times built”. The Magician's Pyramid is 115 feet tall and a legend says it was built in just one night. It is made up of 5 structures from different eras and is the most important edifice of this archeological zone.
Later, we’ll go south to explore Kabah, which means “the lord with the strong and powerful hand”. This city is particularly known for being connected by roads or “sabec,” one of which was popularly used as a path to Uxmal, located 23 miles to the north.
Once in Kabah, we will visit the famous Arch that connects both cities. Then, we’ll walk to the Great Pyramid and the stunning Temple of the Masks. This interesting journey into the Mayan world ends with a delicious lunch buffet style at a nice mexican restaurant.

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